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Reguarding...Commission artwork,  (in most cases ) requires a Deposit .... of $500.00 ...that will be credited towards the final work ... this will cover drawings and the initial deposit.  A good range estimate for most larger carvings start at $5,000.
Individual works , that require special attn or materials will be charged at $150.00 to $300.00 per hour, depending on detail... material... in fairness to all, prices will differ depending on the scope of the work. for example, to quote a fair& honest price ,I'll need to know what im carving what type of wood ,and amount of detail as well as size of the carving
Some larger pieces will be charged at a
pre-determined price...after drawings and agreement
lodging and meals will be added to the price of extended on site carvings
Contact  info
Carves4u@yahoo.com    or 757-814-8848

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This helps us to keep giving free classes and reduced rates to those that can't afford them....helping  teach and train future carvers ,
making sure that the art will continue and prosper
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Out of the Woodwork
Now serving Calif,Baltimore,Va,Penn, N.C.   S.C.  Tenn. Fla Ga, Del, W.Va , and all states   plus Europe and Canada
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